👻 Malum 👻


1. Do the tutorial :: You need to understand that you are looking for symbols to match in your book, and then find the items to place around the pentagram in the correct position. Note, the same symbol can appear in multiple places.

2. Start with Greenfields :: The initial starting map was the Hospital - it is too difficult for starting noobs so the developers have kindly added an easy map: "Greenfields". After this I suggest trying the Manor.

3. Get the med kit :: These appear in your starting area. You can only carry one thing, so when you see an object then drop your medkit (Q key). Ideally, drop the medkit in a nearby hall so you can see it from multiple directions.

4. Take the items to the pentagram :: Of course this means you need to know where the pentagram is: find the pentagram ASAP. While exploring for the pentagram, if you find an object, pick it up and drop it (Q) in the nearest hall so you can easily see it later. When you find the pentagram, drop all items (Q key) in the pentagram area until you know all three symbols. When you know all three symbols: arrange the items in the proper order.

5. Symbol nicknames :: So you can recall the symbols quickly. Candelabra. T with left curl. 8. Fairy pin. Rainbow 4. etc

6. Watch Streams :: This game will likely evolve, so check out the streamers, ask them questions.

Thanks to streamers: Limetttte, Nixuss, and Hadronna.